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Planning an outdoor campaign for billboards

Recommendations for better organizing your OOH campaign, and how to bring your message to the audience on National Roads and Highways

Panou publicitar campanie Topanel 2017

Unipole signs destined for the outdoor campaigns require a different approach from the incity campaigns in order to be successful.
Here we discuss some of the major steps to consider when planning an OOH campaign:

The particularities of this type of advertising

Some of the first steps that should be considered are given by the importance of the traffic flow in the targeted area, segmentation of traffic, the proper size of the billboard depending on your needs, exposure time of your visuals, speed and refresh rate, just to name a few.
All this things should be taken into account in order for the campaign to reach its full potential.

Traffic (or audience)

The main difference between an incity and an outdoor campaign is given by the traffic flow (which basically means how many people will see your campaign displayed on our billboards on their way from one place to another).
Any outdoor campaign is characterized by a bigger and more steady traffic flow than an incity campaign.
A billboard placed on a national road (DN1, DN2, DN7) will benefit from a better traffic flow. As an example, a billboard placed on DN1 assures a traffic average of over 40.000 vehicles / day.
For maximizing the effect of the billboard, you can choose from different sizes ( varying from 8x3m to 30x10m), efficient in making the displayed campaign available longer for the drivers to see even at a farther distance.
The most efficient unipole sign in terms of size is the 14x4m one and it has been imported from the American example of 14’x48’ bulletin board, standard size for the American highways.

Traffic flow / Intermittent traffic / Traffic lights

On the main DNs, the traffic flow is steady most of the time (except for traffic jams). Inside the cities, the traffic is steady at every junction. A backlit mounted near a traffic light will be “read” in detail by the closest vehicles but at the same time it will offer a shorter exposure time for the other vehicles.
Here, the readability of the displayed message depends on the chosen graphic idea.

Segmentation and traffic structure

The incity unipole signs ( be it billboards, backlits, citylights, meshes), benefit from a zonal traffic. A billboard sign placed on Timisoara Boulevard (for example) will be seen mostly by the residents of Militari or Drumul Taberei districts.
The unipole signs located on Piata Vitan will be seen mostly by the residents of Vitan district. This includes active people, students, pensioners, and generaly all the categories living in that area.
In roder to get an audience from the whole city of Bucharest (or other cities of interest), there would be need for more billboard signs in every district and at transit points (bus shelters, buses, trams, etc.).

Repetition / Refresh rate

A billboard located on Soseaua Berceni will address the residents from that area and will reach its goal after about 4 to 6 weeks. A billboard placed on Bucharest – Pitesti highway (A1) will benefit from “fresh” traffic the whole year because this segment is a crossover for a number of citizens having different characteristics ( from age to bussiness).
At the same time, a billboard located on DN1 Bucharest – Ploiesti and rented for 12 months of campaign, gets to be seen by a larger number of residents from the Bucharest – Ilfov area, who describe the most active category of the inhabitants.

Production Cost (for printing and mounting )

For a 14x4m, the total surface exposed will be of 2 x 56 square meters ( 112 square meters ).
The initial and approximate cost is about 500 Euros / side. This payment will be requested at each changing of the visual element. Therefore, a campaign intended for a longer amount of time will benefit the customer.
For this type of frontlit we offer a 12-months warranty – therefore we recommend campaings of at least 6 months.

The graphic message based on text

The unipole signs with the 14x4m size encourage through its proportions the campaigns where the layout is based on text.


Mobil1 Oil outdoor campaign 14x4m size.
Mobil oil outdoor campaign


Advertising on A2 highway
Outdoor campaign based on text and brand


Outdoor campaigns on A2 highway
Outdoor campaign Bayer- Fidelis, 14x9m unipole sign in Cernavoda