Keywords on Billboards

Using online verified keywords / phrases on billboard layout message


Google teached many marketers about using relevant keywords for a business. After experiencing Google Adwords campaigns and monitoring organic searches with Google Analytics, advertisers will know which phrase they may use on a billboard layout.


Just tell me a clear the message that might interest me. If the phrase is simple and relevant, I might remember it so I could google it next day. Instead of " I would rather remember to search for "Wizard Media". If I see a banner that tells me that "Toyota Hybrid is Here", I might go directly online and read details or watch Youtube.

"Sound proof door made by Jimmy" may be the right link to a landing page.

"Remote temperature controller - on smartphone (by Honeywell)" is also easy to remember and to become a search phrase.

Billboard advertising is a "push media" that will make any driver to see your message. If it's readable enough, a phrase posted on a bulletin board will be read by most of the drivers, no mattet what they were thinking at that moment.


Keywords on billboards - BMW Dealer

Sometimes, a good phrase is better than a photo.

14x4m billboards roadside advertising in Romania Giant backlit 15x10m. A1 Business Park. (A1 Motorway)
Effective billboard layout design
Simple and effective billboard layout. (Arizona U.S.)
Autdoor Billboards audience (circulation)
Oncofort clinic. Advertising sign: 14x4 meters bulletin board (unipole sign). A2 Motorway (Bucharest - Constanta)